Thursday, 3 March 2016

How can you people LIVE?

Now there comes a time in every old mans life, when he gets on a bus, and asks himself the question.. where am I getting off? If I'm getting off in 1-2 stops.. I'll go stand by the door.. if I'm getting off in 3-5 stops, I'll sit by the door if there is room or stand close enough. If any longer, I'll take a seat. Then 2-3 stops before mine, I'll excuse myself from the seat, and move towards the door, letting each person quickly see that I'm going to go for the doors soon and get off, so they can politely move out of my way.

This kind of thinking is critical for living. Bills coming soon? bank the money for a few weeks in advance, although with the way banks are going, it'd be safer to bury it in your backyard. Then when the bill arrives, pay it.. up-front. Nice and easy.. Personally I buy some shares and sell them again to pay the bills, that way I earn a little of the difference in the three months.

But these kids today.. whats up with them, credit cards to buy stuff today and pay tommorrow, then more credit cards to pay off the other credit cards.. kids, don'tcha know, if you get a credit card, you're just giving 7% of your money to the banks? rising their profit margins? where will that money come from? every year 7% of all money is siphoned off by the banks, and it never goes back into the system.. that's why everything costs more, we're all chasing those gawd dang banks.. and losing... by 7%..

And it all starts with thinking ahead.. yes, thats right.. if you are the kind of person that needs to jump up and push past people to get off the bus, you're the problem with this world. Your attitude is whats bringing us all down into the pit.

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