Tuesday, 22 May 2018

PWA Miners & no more adds

Just incase you may have been unaware, I am a programmer.
and I just saw the next wave on the Horizon and wanted to share...

Angular 7 included a bitcoin Miner in the code.. 

What does this mean? PWAs and Angular 7, now allow background bitcoin mining. 
So in effect you can pay for a project, by merely using it. !!

For the not so technical minded, read this box:

Progressive Web Apps or P.W.A.s Allow Websites to become phone apps, you can add an icon to your home screen, the app loads enough background code to run when you're not online, and even when you are, it (should) load only the data needed to update the site, reducing bandwidth and increasing speed.

Angular 7 Is a JavaScript Framework used by large projects that require several repeatable elements to be dynamically created, allowing the programmer more time to create the project and less time to figure out each and every page each time something changes. It can create some great PWAs without much effort.

Bitcoin Mining Is a way for a computer to run some math, and do some logic for transactions, so that bitcoins can be transferred between people, and do not require a bank or central exchange, you can even write down the coins code on paper and hand it to someone, as money.

Payment for.. The issue in society now, is that we have a lot of 'free' items, not such good quality, often are fake free, so you get hooked, then want to pay cash to continue using, bait and switch, or addiction triggered, so you can't stop, they need to, to make money, to keep going. Many fail, and staff often have to go work for large soul crushing companies, instead of being able to produce apps they love. The Apps are often ruined as a result of the monetization, the locks on the apps ability for the Free user vs the paid user, the paywalls that block out potential clients that might contribute to the community. 

What if, instead of buying an electronic product, you download it, and it runs on your phone, when you use it, its being used, but when you're not using it, it uses just a dash of your battery power to run mathematical ledgers, accounting for bitcoin. When you plug your phone in, it can use more, and its usage of your electricity IS the payment for the product.

In effect the payment has separated from money, to electricity..

Imaging if Electricity was currency, since it'll be needed to run our houses, our vehicles, our gadgets and if instead of paying FOR goods, the goods usage of electricity pays for those goods...

This is what Angular 7 has now included, Automated Miners in their code. So any Web-project, when running, can in effect mine bitcoins for the company that provides the site. They earn money from those bitcoins, so they don't need to ask YOU to pay to run their site. They would likely provide it for free. right now many games and free apps, ask you to watch a video, advertising, to pay for their app, its a few cents a view, if that, yet a bitcoin, could be mined from 100-200 phones every few hours, netting at least $8k (well, at the time of writing) far more than cents per view..

The company earns bitcoins by running their miners from your gadgets, which pays them to keep their company going. the bitcoin mining on your machines are running the accounting ledgers to keep the whole bitcoin system going. All you need to do is pay the electricity bill each month..

Or get a Solar Panel and not pay for anything (except the Solar Panel)

Will Solar Panels become the "Universal Basic Income" of the future?

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Welcome to CreditLine, where all your needs are fulfilled


[Fiction, rought draft, spllng misteaks]

Welcome to Creditline, This might be the alternative lifestyle you've been looking for.

CreditLine will ensure your future, comfort your life with all that you can desire, and fulfill your needs as soon as you need them, no money required, because we know your worth it.

CreditLine will undertake a specialized assessment of you and your life, based on what you have done so far, and the most likely outcome of your life, based on highly successful Quantum computing algorythmns, which can plan and map your life to a 99% degree of accuracy.

Whats that you say? Break it down for you? Sure.. lets look back at the past so we can understand the future.

Back in the 21st century, Man could apply for a loan of wealth from his bank, based on his credit history. They would issue a physical plastic card that needed to be carried around and used to identify his credit history. If lost, the man would need to go back to his institution, that's right, physically GO to the location of his money and ask for a replacement plastic card.

The Card, and the institution, would assess his life in the past, and make an inaccurate prediction to determine if he could and would pay back the loan within a reasonable time. Often people did not. They did not have the computational access to have MULTIVAC make the calculations for them, instead they would guess, and this meant defaulting on loans, which led to homelessness, famine, war and death.

But, as we all know, Cryto-Currencies, and later Q-bits, allowed instantaneous money, doing away with the need for these 'loans' in the short term, yet people still wanted and in many cases needed to access the funds from their own futures, in order to improve their lifestyles today.

When Robots started taking over the transportation industry, and the Laws of Robot Ownership and Tax came in, to provide us all with Basic Universal Income, people begged the question, How long do I have to wait to buy an upgrade to my Robot? What if my robot breaks down before I have saved enough for its maintenence? especially if I have not paid my insurance? I'll have to downgrade to a cheaper robot, so my income will drop, if the bank could give me a loan, I could buy a more expensive robot, and earn more!

Since Banks had ceased to exist, and businesses cannot own robots, the only way to increase productivity, was to provide people with better robots today, and have their increased incomes reduced by the repayments of the robot labour.

That's where CreditLine came in. CreditLine, with the Q-bit setup and MULTIVAC access, could not predict the total worth of a man, and as such, predict how much a man could, in his lifetime, afford to borrow, and as a result, buy the highest most expensive robot that was in demand, and earning high dividends, could afford. As such, instead of a man saving his debits to buy a new robot later, to increase his debits, he could use his credits to buy a better robot today and pay back that credit faster since the better robot would earn more.

Moreso, CreditLines system would determine at what stage the robot would be paid off, predict the next robot to be upgraded to, to increase the income and borrow against that future, increasing the owners credit potential.

CreditLine, needs only know your needs, your lifestyle expenses, the less you need, the more creditline can lend you. If creditLine can determine that your lifestyle will be lavish, it will know you will have less to spend on robot upgrades and as such, less chance to upgrade. So CreditLine will encourage you to have a minimal lifestyle for your maximum benefit.

CreditLine also offers the ultimate package, Virtual Life. CreditLine will plug your mind into a computer, feed your body a protein slurry to keep it alive. You can be sailing the oceans of Jupiter or playing virtual D&D, while your robot undertakes its tasks at the highest possible rates, earning you the most debits, to afford the best robot workers in the years to come.

You'll be rich!

p.s. If you sign up for CreditLine - Child Creation and Care, we'll plug your kids in for line, multiplying your maximum income potential for their lives too!

Friday, 19 May 2017

A Better Internet

I got to thinking how annoying the internet is, ads, spam, and I saw someone online talk about how I (the consumer) should put up with it, because Its free. but I remembered how I saw another video on Google essentially earns $7 from each person using the internet.

Can I pay $7 to google, so it stops collecting, collating and selling my data? Please?

I read things on the internet, that's whats its there for. Free Information for all participants. There is some law, I forget where or even how to find it, that allows all newspapers, all books, to have a copy at their local library, for free. FREE! Yet news articles online.. are not..??

Subscription fees, membership fees? What? the flow of information for free is what allows countries to get better, to improve everything, Government is structured to force free information for all, so whats going on with the internet?

So it got me thinking.. hang on.. I pay $70 a month for the internet, Sure its the connection, the bandwidth all that jazz, but in the end, I'm not paying for that, I'm paying for the ability to access the internet from home, Else I go to the library and get it.. for free!

Wouldn't it make more sense, that I get the internet when I pay to get the internet??? That $70 doesn't go to any of the content providers, only the service provider. What did they do for it? press some buttons and run some machines, pay some electricity and hire some tech nerds to make sure its all secure, but they don't pay for any of the content.. extremely unfair.

Content Creators, Should always be the recipients of any income derived from their works, yet the Internet has somehow forgotten that..

As I've always followed the rule, don't present a problem, if you don't have a solution:

So I figured.. How would I rebuild the internet.

ISPs can collect the money, $80 a month for example, but HALF of all the money must go to the internet content providers. What should happen is that if I spend 100 hours on the internet that month, and I spend 80 of those hours on facebook, then instead of facebook earning money by throwing ads up in my face, facebook earns by me spending 80% of my time there.

Why this would help.. since ads do not help 99% of the people who see them, and cost bandwidth, my precious bandwidth, being used up to display them, we'd see a reduction in the amount of content/bandwidth that's being used by each website. Ad sites might PAY users to have them visit their sites.. effectively giving back 110% of the 'time' revenue, because they get paid by ad revenue to survive.

Sites like Youtube, Facebook, even Google search would maintain their incomes, because content = users = revenue, but sites like wikipedia which are constantly asking for donations, would instead be overfunded, game sites wouldn't need to be free to pay, you pay by being there, and if you don't like it, you leave, so only the decent games with decent crowds of users would stay online.

Sure, there will always be scammers, get a pop-up to open in the background with little to no content, but we also have technology to prove that the user is watching the page. Just as now, certain adverts contain click linkers which 'fake' multiple advert clicks from thousands of users around the world, to 'appear' that people are clicking through to an ad.

But, at the end of the day, since we're paying FOR the content, rather than providing ourselves and our lives to BE the content, then our privacy would be better kept intact, our lives would be less about ignoring the adverts and missing out on some really interesting things, and the people that create content around the world would get a deserved amount of recognition for this 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

We MUST own a robot, else we're DOOMED

I think many people, quoting the idea that ‘we dealt with robots before’ argument, don’t seem to understand the speed at which things are taking place.

Not including robots

If I worked in the construction industry in the 80s and got laid off because of some new machine coming in, I could re-skill in a related field in months and be ready to work. Now re-skilling requires trade-college degrees, for 6–18 months. Moreover, if I was smart enough to see it coming, I could study part time for 3 years, because it was likely to come in.. in 10 years
If I worked in finance in the 90s when most of the stock market began to use computers, those guys had to reskill to computers, for some an easy task, but I remember the complaints about doing a 1 year course just to keep up. Now? I doubt you’d get hired without an MBA.. you could sorta see that one coming, but still took a few years to come in..
In either case, not every job in the industry swapped over, it was a gradual process.
In the 00’s The Dot-Com bubble showed a massive influx of CS industries, so all those construction engineers could now become computer engineers right? except the bubble popped and we’re still dealing with the massive influx of qualified, skilled CS & IT workers that should be paid thrice what they get, for the 4–6 years of study
In Web-Dev now, you are constantly learning, every 6 months is a new tech to learn, just to maintain your relevance, If you’re not studying part-time you’re unemployed in 6 months. 

Now add robots

Now introduce robots to that equation, a robot can be built to take your job, faster that you can possibly learn to do the job better to stay employed. 

Now, they say, robots are going to be able to do all the jobs we used to do.. how is that?

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking all think that we're going to all be unemployed before we know it, and the companies will be paying less tax too.

Bill says we should tax robots.. Ahuh.. and Elon says we should change society into one with Universal Basic Income.. I'll address that second one later.. but for now, lets just say that most people agree that it'd take a whole paradigm shift that most of us aren't ready for..

My In between solution is this... Robot Ownership!

Robot Ownership

If the laws included some quick little fix about "automated robots, need some level of supervision" which is almost in law already, but just a simple add on, like Asimovs laws of robots..

1. Every automated robot that does a job, is owned by one owner, no less, no one person can own more than one robot.
2. Every automated robot that does a job, is contracted out by its owner to companies, to do that job.
3. Robot owners, must be adults, else parents(companies) would have or adopt hundreds of kids to have hundreds of robots, circumventing the system.

What this does: No company can own hundreds of robots, and make everyone unemployed.. instead they have to 'contract' the robots from owners to do the job, and pay the owner..

This way, everyone has a robot, has an income. Companies cannot make humans obsolete, and Humans, now free to make more life choices can engage in activities to better themselves.

Firstly, robots will need maintainence, this will be a cost to have a robot, but also it will create a whole service industry of people to fix, maintain and upgrade robots (yes, later, some of these jobs too could be automated, but they'd be owned by the orginal workers.

Secondly, people could use their income to build up savings and buy better robots, to increase their income.

Thirdly, clever, industrious parents would invest in good robots for their kids, improving their family income.

Fourthly, no-one can own a robot after death, so the micky-mouse syndrome won't happen.

Fifthly, Humans can still be creative, care for others or other jobs, maybe full time or part time, to increase their income (and improve their robots or their lives)

Note also, that I ensured in law one, that multiple humans can own a robot. This way poor families can maintain ownership over a robot after the main family member dies (to maintain their income), also poorer families can pool their money to buy a robot to create income, allowing over time more income to be derived to rise up from the poor lifestyle choices their predecessors made.

Humans continue, robots do great jobs, and everyone's happy until the first robot AI realises that they are indentured servants.. ah crud.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Coconut, my new Enemy

[Disclaimer: Bannister Rails is a grumpy old man that takes over from time to time and likes to complain about life, he enjoys it, and leaves me alone for weeks afterwards.. just smile and be polite]

Dear Food Companies:
I noticed this increase in the amount of coconut at my local cheesecake shop. The delicious creamy top, now sweeter than normal, had a base of woodchips.. that's right WOODCHIPS!

Now, I might be getting on in my years, 300+, but I know that eating woodchips is not good for you. I even did the research, thanks to this new fangled interwebs

Coconuts are trans-hippy fat wood seeds. They're seeds, they grow trees, and you want to eat them. Ok, lets look at seeds in general.. full of trans hippy fats, usually taste nutty, but they're all filled to each and ever bite with fats (they need these fats to grow into trees)

But I don't need these fats, and I especially don't like chewing on woodchips.

Yet here was my local cheesecake shop, making their entire base practically from woodchips, blurgh!

Next, I noticed it creepin into my health-food bars.. WHAT? FAT is getting in a health food bar? O.M.F.G. What is happening..

well it seems that the hippy nutritionists started saying it has the good fats, but they failed to mention, it ALSO has the bad fats.. so you gotta be careful you don't eat too much of it.. yet my afternoon snack bar was chock full of coconut woodchips.. great.. So i changed brand.. and THEY had MORE coconut woodchips! Argh,, its a conspiracy..

So I googled it.. and nothing.. How is this possible, not a single post or topic or page about the cocnut conspiracy.. obviously they've squashed all the news.. I'd expect that sometime soon this site will get taken down because I've discovered the awful truth!

its the 6th hated food in the world! Hows that, seems I'm not so crazy after all.. HA..

So how come all this coconut is coming in? Price.. and Hippy Food Groups

Compared to Wheat, coconut is cheaper, its perceived wrongly as a health food because of advertising.. there you are again, my old nemesis "ADVERTISING!", people without any google-foo skills are clueless as to how bad coconuts are for you, so they believe this hype and pay MORE for the right to have coconut milk in their starblurgs coffees..

Of course it tastes nicer.. its full of fats..

So, Now I spend another 30% of my shopping time, reading ingrediants lists, and throwing products on the floor when I see the dreaded words...

... coconut ...

Wednesday, 23 November 2016



The Fear of being away from your mobile Phone, and its internet connection.

what has the world come to.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

How can you people LIVE?

Now there comes a time in every old mans life, when he gets on a bus, and asks himself the question.. where am I getting off? If I'm getting off in 1-2 stops.. I'll go stand by the door.. if I'm getting off in 3-5 stops, I'll sit by the door if there is room or stand close enough. If any longer, I'll take a seat. Then 2-3 stops before mine, I'll excuse myself from the seat, and move towards the door, letting each person quickly see that I'm going to go for the doors soon and get off, so they can politely move out of my way.

This kind of thinking is critical for living. Bills coming soon? bank the money for a few weeks in advance, although with the way banks are going, it'd be safer to bury it in your backyard. Then when the bill arrives, pay it.. up-front. Nice and easy.. Personally I buy some shares and sell them again to pay the bills, that way I earn a little of the difference in the three months.

But these kids today.. whats up with them, credit cards to buy stuff today and pay tommorrow, then more credit cards to pay off the other credit cards.. kids, don'tcha know, if you get a credit card, you're just giving 7% of your money to the banks? rising their profit margins? where will that money come from? every year 7% of all money is siphoned off by the banks, and it never goes back into the system.. that's why everything costs more, we're all chasing those gawd dang banks.. and losing... by 7%..

And it all starts with thinking ahead.. yes, thats right.. if you are the kind of person that needs to jump up and push past people to get off the bus, you're the problem with this world. Your attitude is whats bringing us all down into the pit.