Wednesday, 7 January 2015


To All you Kids,

It has once again come to my attention that you are all a little uninformed about the state of affairs when it comes to things.

So, as per my responsibility as an adult, I am here to inform you when you do things that make you look stupid.

Making up words is fun, and you get the limelight for your cool, hip, knarly, bad, good, wicked, don't have a cow man, cowabunga, lingo.. but at the end of your high-school years, you'll probably forget them all anyway, and look back nostalgically in your grey years at the bodaciousnesss of your youth.

And I am aware that language changes, words change meanings, being gay isn't so happy anymore, and rainbows don't have gold at the end, mostly because people stopped using the word in one way, and began to use it in another, and fogerties like myself remember a time when we were gay about that.

But, and this is one hellova butt. But, when a word is being used, by a community.. and not just a tiny little niche group.. but pretty much a whole chunk of geek internet.. its understood that they OWN that word.. its not available to go dilly dallying with. You can't just start saying that twitter means to have a coffee, mostly cause twitter will sue you into the stone age.. when I was born...

No, No, No.. if you want to use language, and not sound like a complete spit-wad, google it.

no, better yet.. Wiki it.

I give you CRPG, or in my day, Crappage. Computers hard a hard time making decent plots, and since ROLE play games are all about plots.. it sorta pretty much didn't really cut it. No Sir Re, It did not. hence, Crappage!

Now, skip forward 10 years, and people started making better computer games, and they got better at pathing, and scripting and such, and so the CRPG games got better, and some american nincompoop went and named them RPVGs, roleplay videogames. Video.. where is the Video in a Computer game? Hmm? but thats a different Rail for another day..

No, a Roleplay Game pretty much started to mean a story based game, and that was fine..

Then you lot came along, with out your beatings and gruel to keep you in line, you think its ok to smash words around without any respect.. and worse yet, you write blogs and make U-Tube videos about it.. Gak makes me sick.. so now there are so many litttle twerps out there writing videos about RPG Games.. Pfft, its like ATM Machines and PIN Numbers.. idiots.. but when I see a nice link about 'top 10 selling RPGs or Best RPG battle systems.. I expect to come across an insightful article about how someone made a great review about roleplay games.. Not a damn Computer game.. who gives a fly about the battle systems of Computer games.. you can't take the time to pick the best skill for a fight in a damn computer game, they just go to fast to make the right decision.. everyone alive knows that button mashing rules 80% of the time.. wheres the skill in button mashing..

sheesh.. damn kids...