Sunday, 14 December 2014

RAA Promoting the competition

Dear RAA

I got an email from you the other day, about Travel and the RAA.

 I though to myself as I opened up your page, this will be good, I'll see some cool place to visit. Instead I saw a bunch of Advertisements, obviously paid to you, by some companies, to promote their countries, their tourism, and not ourAustralian Locations.. Hello? my brain said.. Isn't its the Australian Automobile sending me their adverts?

 Why is it that you ask asking me, an Australian, who is a paid, paid, member of your organisation, to travel overseas, by plane! to enjoy my holidays? Surely I would sign up for Qantas Travel, if I wanted to travel by plane, not automobile?

 It felt like a slap in the face. Yet, as a entrepreneur of the world wide web.. a.k.a I read it. I am aware that it costs mere cents to have some troll-robot scan some adverts and pop them into your website, and earn a little cash on the side, costs you nothing, and you get something in return.

 So imagine my further surprise and shock, when I get an RAA magazine in the mail, with a whole slew of overseas travel articles in it.. Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh, I was shocked.. now you are spending my hard earned dollars, paid to you to promote All things Royal, Australian, and Automobile to your membership readers. Wow, oh Wow, what a slap in the face, what corrupt crazed slobbering fat cats sit in your board rooms, deciding how to spend our collective memberships, in order to advance your own adjenda..

 Ooh I seethe with anger at how such decent and white coloured companies have fallen into the gutter of greed and deception. The public, so brainwashed from their television sets, unable to distinguish drivel from direction, to see how you have betrayed them.

 Yours sincerely

 Rattled Rails.


Remember when Old Man Simpson would write letters to companies to complain,

Remember this was a meme from a time gone, when old people would actually write to complain,

As a Young Lad I would laugh, and feel pride in these people, for pushing against companies trying to take over our lives.. and vowed, when I got old, I would do the same.

So, I'm getting old.. time to do the same.