Tuesday, 21 April 2015


When did this word begin to creep into the language.. probably about the time it became normal to watch movies years later on VHS, but more regularly now that we stream what we want..

[spoiler warning .... this blog has spoilers]

Don't tell me.. Spoilers!! 

Do you remember watching each and every Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles as they came out? me neither.. in Australia we were lucky if the channels stuck to the correct order of shows, let alone stuck to the same season.

But growing up with TV, you only got to see new episodes of anything the same friggin time as everyone else. So the next day at school or at work, you could talk about the new episode.

Moreso, was Movies, it happened from time to time, our 'clique' would go to the movies as a group, and we'd be talking about Predator for days, replaying parts in our minds, getting it wrong, rewatching it years later on VHS and complaining how this wasn't the movie that Danny described, Danny's version was better.

Movies were only "good" for the first 2 weeks, if you hadn't seen a movie by then, you were 'low class' or 'ousted' by virtue of either not being in the right 'clique' or being uncultured. (As an Adult I know better, Australia, unlike Yoghurt, has no real culture)

But Now we have Netflix and Showtime and Torrents and we watch, when we want, and so, half the time when I want to talk about Game of thrones, I always have to ask.. Have you seen, episode, um. what number was it? the one when the big guy stabs the little guy...


Sh*te, now I have to remember and catalog the numbers of the episodes, and as often, the name of the episode, like, ok, have you seen the red wedding (which in my mind is already a spoiler anyway.. red = blood = death, and we already know its two groups, one betrayed the other, so its extremely obvious who is going to kill who, do I even need to watch the episode now that I know?),
The Rains of Castamere
Season 3, Episode 9
See I even had to look it up, and then Copy Paste, because quite frankly I don't care to know the name and number of the episode.. Why is it even called rains of Castamere.. wouldn't it make more sense to call the episode Red Wedding? Its all we remember from that one anyway..

So, Gone is the day or chatter about last nights television, Gone is the chatter about the latest movie, because the only people that watch the same things I watch, is the person who's sitting beside me.

Hey Hunny, remember last night when we watched House of cards? Do you think he'll become VP?

Eventually, I hope/expect that you'll no longer pay for a channel, but instead pay for a viewing / show. They'll be like drugs.. first 3 episodes for free, $0.10 per episode + 5c per star as given by voters who have shown good taste in movies. good tv shows will raise a 3-5 million an episode, poor shows barely $100k. sorta like youtube, but with better star/like system.